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Twelve Years ago the first prototype of the Antares RD Robotics System was developed. THe inventor, Richard Starr, had the vision and foresight to see a rapidly growing need for this system in the Petrochemical and Oil industries. The robotic system Mr. Starr invented had its first debut in the military application and later in robotic dredging. Developed with its proprietary spiral propeller and compression hood methodology, this system was ideal for removing material. Various obstacles presented themselves from job to job. The material was different in every vessel and often different materials were present in layers in the same vessel. Added to this was the lack of standards in vellel construction. Not two vessels had the same interior and manway size varied from sixteen to thirty inch diameters.

To overcome these obstacles, Mr. Starr conducted extensive research encompassing the full spectrum of material removal from hazardous and confined spaces. We now have over 35 different models. This research consisted of developing a system and taking it to the field to determine first hand what works and what does not. Many years and countless material removal jobs have made the Antares RD Robotic systems a safe, efficient, effective, and user-friendly system certified by all governing bodies for use in any plant or facility and the only one of its kink in America.

We have the only robotic systems in an untapped marketplace that outperforms every other method of material removal and handling either by manual labor or mechanical method.

Under the watchful eye of our monitoring system, we can remove any material. Using our specialty pumps and material handling equipment, from a confined space or hazardous environment we place the material exactly where it needs to go without using large quantities of mixing materials. ("Mixing" materials are used to change the consistency of the original waste product for easier material removal) We are the only company in America that is able to handle material using this method.

Our logistics and applications are limitless and we currently have over 35 different models of ROV's. With the federal laws aiding us we are currently inundated with work opportunities. The systems speak for themselves and do our own marketing. Once we have done a job for a facility we have always received more work. Industry today has growing problems and concerns about how to perform maintenance and operations safely; we provide them with robotic solutions to their problems.

Antares RD Robotics prides itself on the health and safety of the environment, our operators and all persons/companies associated with any Antares RD project. We have incorporated a Health and Safety Manual which details the correct procedures of housekeeping, proper training, proper recordkeeping, hazard communication, emergency information, drug testing, etc. We have also incorporated a series of log record books that are kept in our command center on-site at each and every project. These log records are available for review at any time during the project by any authorized representative of the customer. These log books include Daily Safety meetings, Job Safety Analysis, Site Safety Plan, Daily work log, Daily ROV Activity, Work Permitting, Material Safety Data Sheets and Operator/Insurance certificates.

Safety is our top priority at all times. We have never had an OSHA recordable incident in the history of the company and have taken all necessary steps, by following the strict guidelines of OSHA and incorporating our own safety guidelines and procedures, to insure we maintain this trend.

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