Services & Applications | Antares RD ROV System

The ROV is housed in a trailer and mobilized to the job site and it is set up in an area within the facility in proximity to the project as designated by the customer. The trailer then becomes the command center for the operation of the ROV. The ROV is then placed into the confined space via a customized launching system, and camera and light units are installed with no manned entry.

The light and the cameras become the eyes for the remote operation of the ROV. (If a crane is necessary for insertion of the ROV into the tank-ie top vessel entry- the crane is provided by and operated by the customer.) The ROV is controlled from the command center by a state of the art pilot station. The ROV system uses an evacuation hose through which the hazardous material is pumped to a container outside of the tank for disposal. This container can be a frac tank, vacuum truck, pipeline or any other location the customer designates. An ROV can be deployed in less than one hour through any vessel entrance 16 inches and larger in diameter.





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