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We have the only robotic systems in an untapped marketplace that outperforms every other method of material removal and handling either by manual labor or mechanical method.

Under the watchful eye of our monitoring system, we can remove any material. Using our specialty pumps and material handling equipment, from a confined space or hazardous environment we place the material exactly where it needs to go without using large quantities of mixing materials. ("Mixing" materials are used to change the consistency of the original waste product for easier material removal) We are the only company in America that is able to handle material using this method.

Our logistics and applications are limitless and we currently have over 35 different models of ROV's. With the federal laws aiding us we are currently inundated with work opportunities. The systems speak for themselves. Industry today has growing problems and concerns about how to perform maintenance and operations safely; let us provide you with robotic solutions to your problem.


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